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How Private and Public Spending Can Increase Your Lands Value (Nsawam Road, Ghana)

Some people get lucky, or shall we say blessed, and buy land in a location that attracts private or public spending.

Private spending is driven by individual preferences, funded through personal resources, and determined by consumer choices in the private sector.

Public spending is focused on societies welfare, funded through public resources, and determined by government decisions.


The acre of land we recently acquired in Ghana is situated relatively near to a major highway construction project that will be increasingly driving the value of our land up.

An important consideration in transportation economics is cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and economic impact analysis. 


In the UK, The Department for Transport (DfT) are allocated a budget by means of a tax distribution, from the government, public funding, to fund highway road construction projects.


In Ghana, highway road construction is funded by Public Private Partnerships (PPP), as a means of leveraging public resources with private sector resources for efficient public infrastructure services.


When you are considering acquiring virgin land,  you may also want to consider the additional factors that will contribute to appreciation of the lands value long-term, in addition to the value you personally plan to add to the land. 

Click the video below to see how rocky it was for us travelling on Ofankor-Nsawam Road Ghana, in August 2023.

We will patiently await to welcome a smoother commute to get to our land in the near future.

If you are interested in acquiring land in the east region of Ghana (where we are located)...

Prices will increase and have increased since we acquired our land ten months ago.

The $346million construction of this road will drive the prices of the surrounding land in this area up over time.

Dont wait and be too late, to get your order in.

Land payments made in instalments are welcomed when purchasing land through Parchment Properties.


For a Intro to Land Acquisition in Ghana, check out our Webinar!

Written by Tao

Parchment Properties



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