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Are You a Serviced Accommodation Investor?

Elevate your Serviced Accommodation success with our in-depth insights!

Do you find SA deal analysis time-consuming?

Are you unsure about your ability to analyse SA deals?

Would you like a second opinion to check your deal sourcers analysis?

Your Serviced Accommodation Deal Analysis Report includes:


Oversight of deal highlights and strategy 

Insights regarding local competitors for strategic advantage

Customer insights reported directly from Online Travel Agent (OTA) providers

12 months cash flow forecast, estimated revenue and profit

Plan monthly expenses including bills and subscriptions

Obtain actionable advice to boost profitability

Financial scenarios for best, likely and worst cases

Return on Investment (ROI) insights

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At Parchment Properties, we provide invaluable support to investors by conducting thorough quantitative analysis, assessing the strength of units being considered.

Ready to Invest into your due diligence process?


Kickstart your journey by scheduling a FREE Investors Initial Consultation Call.


Or, if you are eager to dive right in, seize the opportunity to secure our SA Deal Analysis Report directly below.

The Process


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