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Green Fields

You are interested in acquiring land in Ghana, but where do you start? This is the position we were in some time back.


Having acquired land in Ghana ourselves, we have built up a trustworthy team on the ground.

We have build a diligent understanding of what is required, what to avoid and what to look for when acquiring land in Ghana.

We can also assist others in acquiring their land in Ghana and guide them smoothly through the process of land acquisition.

We have access to over 110 acres of virgin land!

Are you interested in acquiring land in Ghana?

Join our webinar

  • Land Acquisition Webinar 1 [Intro] by Parchment Properties
    Land Acquisition Webinar 1 [Intro] by Parchment Properties
    Tue, 31 Oct
    31 Oct 2023, 19:30 – 20:30
    Lets talk! Why acquire land in Ghana? Who should acquire land in Ghana? How can you make money of your land in Ghana? Where are people acquiring land in Ghana? What land is available to acquire in Ghana? When to acquire land in Ghana?

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