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Tailored Success! Your Bespoke Sourcers

for Serviced Accommodation Investments

Our Bespoke sourcing service will save you valuable time, on the work load required to search and conduct analysis on your investment opportunities.

Have you considered your serviced accommodation unit preferences ?

- Monthly Profit expectations

- Annual Profit expectations

- Monthly Return on Investments (ROI) expectations

- Annual Return on Investment (ROI) expectations

- Property Location

- Style - Luxury, Modern, Standard, Re-furbish-able.

- Maximum Initial Investment

- Property type - Flat, Apartment, House, Pent house, Town house, Bungalow

- Amount of bedrooms

- Additional features such as open plan kitchen, separate kitchen, living room, dining room, games room, utility room, garden, driveway, on street parking.


During your initial consultation, we will explore the criteria mentioned above to better understand your ideal bespoke serviced accommodation investment opportunity.

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At Parchment Properties, we offer invaluable investor support by leveraging your preferences, conducting quantitative analysis and assessing the strength of units sourced by our team.


Ready to invest further into expanding your Serviced Accommodation portfolio?


Kickstart this service today by scheduling a FREE Serviced Accommodation Bespoke Sourcing Call.


Or, if you are eager to dive right in, seize the opportunity by securing our Serviced Accommodation Bespoke Sourcing Service below.

The Process


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