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Are You a Serviced Accommodation Deal Sourcer?

At Parchment Properties, we provide invaluable sourcer support by leveraging your preferences, conducting quantitative analysis, and assessing the strength of units sourced by your team.

 Ready to Invest into a client-centric service for your Investors?

Kickstart this service by scheduling a FREE SA Sourcer initial consultation call

Or, if you are eager to dive right in, seize the opportunity by securing our SA Sourcer - Deal Analysis and Packaging Service.

Elevate your investment deals

Professional research, due diligence, reports and packaging!

Our service is designed for Serviced Accommodation Sourcers who want to :


  • Reduce co-sourcing costs

  • Would prefer to simplify SA deal analysis by outsourcing

  • Boost their confidence in presenting SA deals to investors

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We provide comprehensive deal analysis, package investment opportunities with your unique branding, allowing you to concentrate on sourcing and building investor connections.

Oversight of deal highlights and strategy

Insights regarding local competitors for strategic advantage

Customer insights reported directly from

Online Travel Agent (OTA) providers

12 months cash flow forecast, estimated revenue and profit

Plan monthly expenses including bills and subscriptions

Obtain actionable advice to boost profitability

Financial scenarios for best, likely and worst cases

Return on Investment (ROI) insight

Providing that you have had your deal package designed by us, we will proceed with creating a investors deal package with this information on your behalf.

Parchment Properties LOGO

Complete deal packaging form

Schedule your SA Sourcer

initial consultation call.

1. Parchment Properties design deal package

Using investors preferences for pages to include:  slide colours, layout, text font, template images, spreadsheet analyser colours, logo and more.

2. Parchment Properties analyse and package deal

Location, comparables, Online Travel Agents (OTA'S), estimated revenue, expenditure forecast, profit, initial investment, Return On Investment (ROI), analysis overview and more.

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